Travel half-day or a day in this natural setting for the lovers of the unknown or the seekers of sensations: with family or friends, live the experience of a startling environment.


In complete security, accompanied and supervised by our formally trained guides, explore the underground world of Provence, wild and timeless, overcoming together the obstacles that await us: descents by rappelling, meanders, ledges, rope ascents…

The tour progress

  • Greeting and briefing.
  • Access to the cave parking place.
  • Gear distribution.
  • Exploration of the cave.
  • Return.

The gear provided

  • Helmet with torch.
  • Harness equiped for ascending and rappelling.
  • Collective gear.
  • Protection caving suit.
  • Caving backpack, waterproof box and boots.

Useful information

If you wear glasses, bring something to secure them, and if you have long hair, bring what you need to tie it up.

Don’t forget to communicate your size (height), weight and shoe size to us for the caving suits and boots.


If you bring your camera, please remember to put it in a waterproof case !