If the idea of verticality excites you then new perspectives are available for you to discover the Verdon Gorges :

On an “Adventure Trail” (or climbing itinerary) you will voyage above the empty space in total security, thanks to roped passages (via-corda), zip-lines, rappels and easy climbs…

During a rock climbing expedition on a cliff face you can taste, learn or ameliorate your knowledge of the techniques of progression and security while overlooking the Sainte Croix Lake or on the heights of the Grand Canyon…

Dare the Verdon Adventure !

Useful information

The climbing and the adventure itineries in the Verdon are accessible to everyone. However, these activities remain physically demanding, including hikes to and from the locations.

Please bring with you

  • Sports shoes and clothes (a light jumper for the evening)
  • 1,5 litres of water
  • If you wear glasses, bring something to secure them
  • A picnic for all-day itineraries, a snack (muesli-bar) for half-day itineraries.