is certainly the most beautiful descent of the grand canyon of the Verdon. It is the wildest part of the Grand Canyon and the “must-do” canyon-swimming in high water. From Vidal until the beaches of Aiguines on the lake of Saint Croix the gorge is long and craggy and requires a high level of physical fitness to really appreciate this exceptional location.

Practical informations :

  • Durat. : 7h
  • Level : Expert
  • Public : From 14
  • Rendezvous : 8:30am at the car park of the general store in front of the campsite "Galetas"
  • Price : 105 euros
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The “Big” is very aquatic and technical route; it incorporates long sections of swimming in torrential water and requires good physical condition.

The Verdon in high water is practicable the days of water release!

Conditions of the canyons

Follow the practical conditions as we have observed them in the canyons.