This route starts with some short slides after negotiating an obstacle. Then a six-meter jump sends you further down the narrow passage between the limestone walls. A series of descents and drops brings you to the edge of an amazing cascade of 12 meters that you cross with the help of a zip-line running from one side to the other. After a number of difficult passages the Saint Auban Canyon then opens out into a gigantic bowl-like pool (“marmite de géant”) before becoming a lovely river.

Practical informations

  • Durat. : 3h30
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Public : from 12
  • Rendezvous : 9am or 1:30pm at the car park of Saint Auban
  • Price : 50 euros
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Athletic, the Saint Auban Canyon is punctuated by drops, slides and jutting rocks, sometimes demanding the use of ropes.

This route is well adapted for beginners and experienced canyoneers.


Conditions of the canyons

The days of descent are regulated. The Saint Auban canyon is practicable Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Follow the practical conditions as we have observed them in the canyons.