In the Ferné Canyon it is some time before you arrive at the Verdon River. A sequence of rappels of 10m to 30m let you glimpse little by little the clear green waters of the river. On the way there are beautiful cascades of tufa in a verdant environment. The last rappel drops us, finally, into the water…


In this second part of the canyon, very aquatic and pleasant, you can enjoy two hours of swimming to discover the river’s force and beauty. Jumps, swimming and braving rapids make up an unforgettable day of canyoning.

Practical informations :

  • Durat. : 5h
  • Level : Sportive
  • Public : from 14 years
  • Rendezvous : 9am at the car park half way between Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and La Palud sur Verdon (route départementale 952)
  • Price : 70 euros
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Caractéristiques du canyon

The Ferné Canyon has extremely steep parts at the beginning (a series of three rappels of 30m).

It is a physical day, with a long hike to get there and back! (approximately 30 and 45 minutes).


Conditions of the canyons

The Ferné Canyon opens up onto the Verdon River and is practicable outside the days of water-release. The practical conditions depend also on the level of water (it is sometimes very aquatic in the beginning of summer).