After a hike through the woods, you get to the Verdon upriver from the Estellié.


Four hours of canyon swimming garnished by drops take you on a voyage of discovery of the renowned Grand Canyon. Lying on your back, feet forward, you brave the currents as you contemplate the surrounding 300-meter high cliffs.


The trail ends with the exploration of the Imbut, where the river disappears under enormous chaotic rocks. Don’t forget to open your eyes !

Practical informations :

  • Durat. : 5 to 6h
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Public : From 12
  • Rendezvous : 9am opposite the fire station of Cavaliers (route départementale 71)
  • Price : 70 euros
  • Pdf file

Caractéristiques du canyon

The Estellié to Imbut canyon is a mostly aquatic canyon with no roping. It includes however vertiginous components on the return hike (Sentier Vidal/the Vidal trail)


Conditions of the canyons

The Estellié to the Imbut extends along the Verdon River and is practicable outside the days of water-release. The practical conditions depend also on the level of water (it is sometimes very aquatic in the beginning of summer).

Canyoning de l’ Estellié à l’Imbut dans le Verdon