Combine Fun and Water

Canyoning consists of going down ravines (canyons) on foot and overcoming all the obstacles as they occur: hiking, jumping, rappelling, climbing down, sliding and swimming are on the menu depending on the canyon…


Canyoning in the Verdon Gorge

Discover a natural environment in the spectacular and wild setting of the Verdon Canyon.


Canyoning Specialists

For more than 20 years the Verdon Guides have offered this unique adventure along the Verdon River safely and securely!



Did you say canyoning ?

What you need to know

Canyoning requires the participants to be able to swim.

Jumps and slides during the canyoning are not an obligation : you may avoid them or be roped down by your guide.

Conditions of the canyons

Follow the practical conditions as we have observed them in the canyons.

You may also get information about the water releases from the dam into the Verdon.

Please bring with you

  • If you wear glasses, bring something to secure them
  • If you have long hair, bring what you need to tie it up
  • Sports shoes or hiking shoes (no sandals)
  • swimming suit
  • A picnic for daytrip tours
  • 1,5 litres of water
  • Some canyons are reached by hiking : please wear light clothing that can be put in a waterproof box (6 litters) during the descent

Canyoning in the Verdon Gorge